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RAI TV par furlan talks about Mosaico&Mosaici

RAI filming August 28, 2021

On Tuesday 10 August at 9.36 pm on channel 103 RAI 3 bis, within the programming La television par furlan, a video will be broadcast on the Mosaico&Mosaici 2021 exhibition curated by the journalist Antonia Pillosio.

On the official website of the RAI we read:



by Antonia Pillosio

E à vierzût a Spilimberc la mostre estive anuâl de Scuele Mosaiciscj dal Friûl. (The summer exhibition of the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli has opened in Spilimbergo). Achì, tant che intune grande galarie di art, a son in mostre lis oparis realizadis dilunc dal an scolastic dai arlêfs dal prin, secont e tierç cors (o ben il trieni professionâl), in plui che cualchi opare dal cors di perfezionament. (Here, as in a large art gallery, the works created during the school year by the students of the first, second and third (the professional three-year period) are on display, as well as some works from the specialization course.)

La Scuele Mosaiciscj dal Friûl e je une realtât uniche e origjinâl, un centri dedicât dut ae art musive, un pont di riferiment pe formazion. (The Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli is a unique and original reality, a center entirely dedicated to mosaic art, a reference point for training. and je une realtât friends and origjinâl, a dedicated center dut ae art musive, a reference point for training). Chi il mosaic nol è considerât tant che art mecaniche, ma tant che art e mistîr stimolant. (Here the mosaic is not considered a mechanical art, but an art and at the same time a stimulating craft). La esposizion e je vierte fin ai vincjenûf di Avost (The exhibition is opened until 29th August 2021).


RAI filming August 28, 2021

9 August 2021