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The sixteen new Mosaic Masters

The sixteen new Mosaic Masters

Sixteen new Mosaic Masters crown the 100th scolastic year.
With an official ceremony, the new Mosaic Masters were recognized who, having completed the exams with excellent results, reached the desired goal. An objective that seemed distant when they enrolled in the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, agreeing to come to Friuli even from distant countries to learn an ancient and fascinating art of which most knew little.
Today, 24 June 2022, at the delivery of the certificates of professional qualification, in the historic Council Chamber of the Municipality of Spilimbergo, these young people can claim to know what mosaic is, not only because they know its execution techniques, but because they have it fully lived for three years, they made it their own, they understood its profound beauty and became masters of art themselves.
Therefore, this three-year training course for Greta Ambrosi, Amos Carcano, Tatiana Catrinescu, Marco Cennerazzo, Chiara Fornasari, Yuyu Ge, Gabriela Lisicyna, Giovanni Manara, Malgorzata Matyla, Marta Matyla, Sara Peafrini could only end with a solemn and festive moment. Sebastian Pecile, Umberto Pepe, Enora Ribera, Victor Simoneau, Luigi Stefanizzi. The names testify to the different origins: Veneto, Lombardy, Campania, Puglia, certainly also Friuli and then Switzerland, France, Poland, Moldavia, Lithuania, China. Allievi tenaci, che hanno superato la tempesta della formazione a distanza imposta in tempo di pandemia (erano al primo corso!), che hanno saputo impegnarsi doppiamente quando hanno rimesso piede nei laboratori della Scuola, che hanno studiato e si sono applicati negli anni successivi per impadronirsi di quel “sapere” che le mani dei maestri artigiani d’arte esprimono.
Welcomed by the President of the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli Stefano Lovison and by the director Gian Piero Brovedani, they were greeted as the magnificent sixteen who qualified as Mosaic Masters in the year in which the School turned 100. «The School» recalled President Lovison «was born to train many young people in a profession that has deep roots in western Friuli. You are the proof that this task is still valid and that the School, after a hundred years, is still an important and international point of reference. The School has accompanied you in your professional growth: an applause certainly goes to you, but also to your teachers who have been able to cultivate your skills and bring out the best, wealth for your future». The mayor of Spilimbergo, Enrico Sarcinelli, underlined that it is not taken for granted that different institutions, the Municipality, the Consorzio for the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli and the Region are close and work for the good of the School and the training and promotion of the art of mosaic. He then highlighted the significance of the place where the ceremony was taking place, the Council Chamber, to whose civic value is added the view on one side of the Tagliamento and on the other of the town: almost a metaphor of the moment of passage of the neo-mosaicists from students who have learned a knowledge of tradition to that of professionals capable of proposing themselves in the job market.
Regional Councilor Stefano Zannier was also present at the ceremony. To the compliments for the success achieved by the young Mosaic Masters, he wanted to add the wish for a bright future, hoping that they are aware and proud to bring the work to every place the art and beauty of Friuli Venezia Giulia that welcomed them will lead them. and handing them over a trade.
Before delivering the qualification certificates, the Director of the School, Gian Piero Brovedani wanted, speaking directly to the now former students, to praise the stubbornness and ability that distinguished them in moving forward and with confidence in having believed in the School and in the teachers even when the epidemiological situation had made the general situation difficult. He therefore invited us to continue to look at the School as a center for discussion, exchange, growth, relationship, «more than ever now that you have become professionals. The School is a high-level training center, be proud to have attended it. The School will always be there for you!».
In retracing the formative year concluded, a reminder of Mauro Cozzi could not be missing, who was much more than a collaborator of the School, just as the School was not a simple workplace for him.
Parents and friends followed the delivery of the certificates to the sixteen new Mosaic Masters, excited and happy. Many of them are already leaving, not for the summer holidays, but for work experience abroad in important laboratories; others return to their countries with opportunities. Some then cuddle the possibility of having the application accepted for the specialization course at the School, an additional year to improve one’s skills which is accessed through a selection.


group photo with the school staff and councilor Zannier


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24 June 2022