toria del colore

In classrooms

In the classrooms of the first, second, third courses The first research and mosaic creations take shape Realized by the students of the school mosaicists of Friuli. After entering into confidence with the cutting of the tiles, the students of the first yearare concentrating on mosaic compositions of small surfaces, inspired by forms, decorations and

The work dedicated to the new gallery for contemporary mosaic in Spilimbergo is about to be completed. An exhibition space wanted by the school mosaicists of Friuli to offer greater visibility to the mosaic works and to welcome to the best the many visitors that every year come to admire them (in 2015 you can count more than 35000

The course of introduction to the mosaic dedicated to the descendants of Corregionals abroad, organized by the school mosaicists of Friuli, is concluded in synergy with Ente Friuli in the world. The 12 young people from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Canada have experienced the fascinating techniques of mosaic-peculiar art of the region-and have tasted the culture, the art, the

This year an initiative is renewed that involves the School mosaicists of Friuli and Ente Friuli in the world. In the laboratories of the Institute, in fact the Introductory course to mosaic dedicated to the descendants of Corregionals abroad. There are 12 young people who have come into play in this stimulating experience, all eager to rediscover the culture and the

Starts “Mosaic Project”, Initiative born from the collaboration between the school mosaicists of Friuli and the municipal administration of Dignano that involved the comprehensive Institute of San Daniele. The aim of the project is to sensitize the young generations to know the art of mosaic closely. A peculiar art of the territory. An ancient art that has a contemporary and