toria del colore

January 2020

Ninety-eight years ago, on 22 January 1922, the "Professional School for Mosaicists" was inaugurated in Spilimbergo, at the Bevilacqua barracks, now the Corte Europa. It was the first school "for the teaching of the Art of Mosaic" in Italy, capable of providing workers with "the education and elements of culture indispensable" for their profession. The founders, Lodovico Zanini, delegate for Friuli of

He had chosen to become a mosaic artist in 1923, entering as a student in that School that ten years later he wanted him as a teacher and to which he dedicated himself, for more than forty years, training and cultivating many students who today think of him with nostalgia. Yesterday the master "Bepi Teia", at the age of 109, passed