toria del colore

A mosaic for the Spilimbergo Blood Donors Section

mosaic on loan to AFDS

The list of works that the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli offers on free loan to embellish Spilimbergo’s offices and public spaces is getting longer: just remember the mosaic sculptures that decorate flower beds and green spaces or the large panels at the Civil Hospital. Made by the students, these mosaics are the symbol of an active collaboration with the territory and of a mutual contribution to civic life.

At this particular moment the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli wanted to recognize the precious activity of the AFDS – Friulian Association of Blood Donors of Spilimbergo by granting on loan a work of the students of the second course which in the colors used and in the representation recalls the values ​​of closeness, solidarity and volunteering proper to “blood donors”. This gesture is part of the consolidated relationship between two very active companies in Spilimbergo: on the one hand, the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli constitutes a historical institution for the training and enhancement of mosaic art, on the other, the AFDS Section of Spilimbergo has an important history since it was born in 1958 thanks to the contribution of “father” Cav. Evaristo Cominotto, engine and example for the world of donation in the provinces of Udine and Pordenone. There has always been mutual support between the two which has found even greater momentum in recent years thanks to the harmony of intent between the current Presidents, Stefano Lovison of the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli and Claudio Tonus of the AFDS Section of Spilimbergo, assisted by the director of the school Gian Piero Brovedani.

The Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli and the AFDS Section of Spilimbergo are also attentive and in direct contact with young people, but at the same time they prove strong of a history and a tradition that leads to maintaining relationships with many people available to actively collaborate with a reality or both. See for example the guided visits to the School promoted by the AFDS Section of Spilimbergo with groups from different Italian locations or the FIDAS youth conference, chaired by the late Aldo Ozino Caligaris then National President of FIDAS who was amazed and incredulous at the artistic beauties of the School.

Two historical institutions, therefore, who still know how to bring optimism in these difficult days and uncertainty for the future with concrete signs: in this first quarter of 2020 the AFDS Section of Spilimbergo has achieved a strong increase both in the number of blood donations (+10 %) and that of the new donors (+ 30%) and the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli was the first educational reality to open in Italy to its students, after the months of “suspension”, the workshops for mosaic and terrace teaching.

A friendship relationship that takes concrete form today with the mosaic work in colored and gold glazes, a work that will be located in the meeting room of the AFDS Section of Spilimbergo, where the Director of the AFDS Provincial Association is also hosted.

The Board of Directors of the AFDS of Spilimbergo thanks with a (virtual) embrace the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli for this kind (concrete) thought.