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AFDS Information

Information AFDS 8 giugno 2024

AFDS Information

The Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli hosts “AFDS Information”: a meeting organized by the youth sections of Udine and Pordenone to take stock of the future of blood donation.

The Mosaic School of FriuliScuola Mosaicisti del Friuli hosted an important moment of discussion and awareness-raising by the provincial youth sections of Udine and Pordenone of the AFDS-Friulian Blood Donors Association.

This is the assumption of a responsibility, which, by reaffirming the importance of the donation of blood and the voluntary action of promoting and protecting donors carried out by the Association, cannot fail to consider the demographic decline which involves the whole of Italy and which inevitably it impacts that regional self-sufficiency, a source of pride and stimulus for all AFDS entities active in the area.

For this reason the young representatives of the two provincial AFDS, Mattia Toffoli (for Pordenone) and Luca Lacovig (for Udine) wanted to invite Professor Alessio Fornasin, demographer of the University of Udine, for a description of the future of blood donation, based on current statistical data relating to the number and longevity of the population in relation to the profiling of donors registered with the AFDS.
The speech was followed by reports from Irene Martellon, coordinator of the youth section of the province of Udine, and Mattia Toffoli, leader of the youth group of the AFDS of Pordenone.

Among the young audience present at the meeting, similar in age and sensitivity to the organizers of the event, there were also several representatives of territorial sections of the AFDS, first of all that of Spilimbergo. Aware of the far-sightedness of the topics covered and the commitment made, the presidents of the two provincial sections Roberto Flora (Udine) and Mauro Verardo (Pordenone) also wanted to be present, bringing their heartfelt wishes for a good success of the works.

Great satisfaction was expressed by the president of the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli.
«We know from direct experience, here at the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, how far-sighted and decisive young people can be» declared President Lovison. «We are happy to have participated in this reflection on the future of the gift by offering the spaces of the School, an open and welcoming place, as are all places where art is made. We appreciate the values ​​of the AFDS, some of these such as the centrality of the person, the attachment to the history and events of our region, the sharing of knowledge and experiences, touch us closely and we can therefore only support the informed and firm gaze of the new generations who do not worry about analyzing problems but are committed to finding solutions».


Information AFDS 8 June 2024 A

Information AFDS 8 June 2024

Some moments from the AFDS Information, 8 June 2024


Information AFDS 8 June 2024 B

Gift of the mosaic with the two drops of blood that merge into a heart, designed and created by the master mosaicist Cristina De Leoni. Tribute from the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli to the representatives of the youth sections of AFDS Udine and Pordenone, Mattia Toffoli and Irene Martellon, organizers of the meeting.


June 9, 2024