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Awarding of the Ronzat 2021 Award

Awarding of the Ronzat 2021 Award

A recognition to young mosaic masters: the Pietro Ronzat Prize

For the fourth consecutive year, the Sepol society of Spilimbergo has established a prize to be assigned to a student of the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli in the last year of the course.
The sensitivity of Pietro Ronzat, founder of Sepol and art lover, is responsible for this initiative which aims to support the skills of the students and stimulate future professionalism in a sector, that of the mosaic, which characterizes the entire regional territory.
Among the various mosaic works performed during the “final essay”, the one that best expresses the union between acquired technical skill and creative spirit was chosen. In fact, each student elaborates his own mosaic within a proposed theme: this year addressed to the Japanese aesthetic vision of wabi sabi.
On the sidelines of the Ceremony for the delivery of the qualification certificates of “Mosaic Master”, held on Friday 25 June 2021 at the Cinema Teatro Castello in Spilimbergo, Rossella and Giacomo Ronzat, sons of Pietro, indulging and supporting the will of their father, unveiled the winners, by giving them a cash award. The prize, in fact, this year was awarded ex aequo to the new mosaic masters, Adelaida Sharakhova, from St. Petersburg, and Giulia Zanette, from Fontanafredda, who presented respectively Attempt to understand the art of meditation through the Western mindset, a triptych (Silence – Inner struggle – Rebirth) played on the composition and transformation of simple forms, and the portrait The look of the years, a female face with a penetrating gaze.
Both works, while differentiating themselves in an abstract or figurative way, develop their expressiveness through the use of natural materials that, in terms of shape and combination, tell of changes, metamorphoses, evolutions, often determined by time, accepted and judged positively in the name of values ​​such as maturity, experience, quality. Thus the worked stone becomes a piece and a mosaic and the face, marked by wrinkles, communicates wisdom and trust.
Pietro Ronzat was able to appreciate in these two mosaics, very different from each other, not only the effectiveness of an idea and its aesthetic rendering, but above all the mastery of the language acquired by the two mosaic artists during the three-year school course: a praise therefore to the creativity, but also the ability to reinterpret rules and balances that have always been typical of mosaic art.
The two winning works will be exhibited at the annual Mosaic & Mosaics exhibition held at the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli in the month of August.


The winning students with the sons of Pietro Ronzat, Rossella and Giacomo.

Adelaida Sharakhova with her work Attempt to understand the art of meditation through the Western mindset

Giulia Zanette with her work The look of the years




5 july 2021