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CREAttivo #1 Exhibition

CREAttivo exhibition

CREAttivo #1 Exhibition

The exhibition opens on Saturday 10 October 2020, at 11.00 at Palazzo Tadea in Spilimbergo CREAttivo. Eccellenze FVG fra arte e impresa (FVG excellence between art and business) the result of the collaboration between the Maravee Cultural Association and the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli.

In April 2020, an ideas competition was held for the students of the School aimed at creating mosaic surfaces for interior design. The students had to try their hand at furnishing accessories that belong to the production of the companies Gervasoni, Very Wood and Snaidero, partners of this project. The competition is in fact part of a larger project, conceived by the Maravee Cultural Association and curated by Sabrina Zannier, to graft ideas, projects and artisanal knowledge into the manufacturing sector and at the same time bring company methodologies and logistics to the artistic and didactic system to encourage creative productions. sustainable, expressions of beauty, but also of the functionality of everyday life.

The exhibition that opens on Saturday will present the winning projects of the competition for the three categories: a kitchen worktop, a pouf and a chair. Specifically, these are the Brik M pouf by designer Paola Navone produced by the Gervasoni company, the Dining 11 L chair by Michele De Lucchi produced by Very Wood and the top / table of the LOFT kitchen by Michele Marcon produced by Snaidero. The winning projects were respectively those of: Luis Guerra Sobejano, Polina Kazanovskaia and Beatrice Tagliapietra. During the summer months, the three young winning mosaic artists, pupils of the School, put into practice those ideas that were only on paper for the competition. Thanks also to the availability of partner companies, three prototypes have been created which will be the subject of the exhibition. To these is added the work carried out during the training year 2019/2020 from the III course, born from the meeting with the Cuban artist Alexandre Arrechea and with the designer Shiro Muchiri: a bookcase with a folding mosaic top that is a functional element, decorative and symbolic.

The exhibition of these furnishing elements demonstrates how the mosaic, an ancient art, so linked to the artisan tradition of the Friulian territory, can be inserted in contemporary contexts thanks to the skill of the mosaic masters who know how to decline techniques and expressive forms according to need and wishes. The mosaic becomes a distinctive sign in the furniture, in evidence that thanks to color and light it enriches the object itself and the surrounding space with beauty. The challenge lies in being able to combine the freedom of artistic expression with the parameters of the production system regarding costs, times and market entry. The three projects judged as winners have been able to combine aesthetic research and sustainability in achieving it better than others.

The inauguration of the exhibition will also be an opportunity to publicly award the competition prize to the three students who declined the technical notions learned in the School’s laboratories with their own creativity.

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