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CREAttivo #2 exhibition in Spilimbergo

Locandina evento CREAttivo #2

CREAttivo #2 exhibition in Spilimbergo

The CREAttivo #2 exhibition opens on Saturday 15 January 2022 at Palazzo Tadea di Spilimbergo. Art and enterprise FVG nel Parco, curated by the Maravee Cultural Association with the support of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and in collaboration with the Mosaic School of Friuli and the companies Gervasoni, Very Wood and Legnolandia. The exhibition presents the results of a project that kicks off from the competition of ideas addressed to the students of the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli and aimed at the creation of mosaic surfaces in the field of furniture.
There are four types of objects on which the CREAttivo #2 project has focused: a table and benches that make up the Ambient Kit produced by the Legnolandia company, a bulletin board to contain information, Bulletin board type 10, also from Legnolandia; the island sofa 801 by Very Wood; the sweet 98 mirror by Gervasoni.
Not only will the winning projects be exhibited, but also the construction phases in the company and in the School and the final results where the basic object is enriched and personalized by the mosaic intervention. Thus we will see the red thread of tesserae conceived and composed by Jonas Paul Giubbini (graduate in architecture and currently student of the second course) for the wooden and circular surface of the island sofa 801 and the proposal by Iris Picco (mosaic teacher qualified in the a. f. 2020/2021) and Amos Carcano (attending the III course) for the mirror by Gervasoni conceived as an additional decoration that goes beyond the reflection as well expressed in the title.
The projects, already realized and installed in the park of the Gemona del Friuli Castle, relating to the environment kit of the Legnolandia company will also be illustrated: the table with the decoration of Laura Seravalli (mosaic teacher qualified in the academic year 2020/2021, now a graduate student) and the bulletin board with the profile of the mountains designed by Jonas Paul Giubbini.
Launched in the spring of 2021, the CREAttivo #2 competition. Art and business FVG nel Parco saw the participation of 37 projects, about ten for each object to be developed. The winning projects, which will be awarded during the inaugural ceremony of the exhibition, were then created in the School’s laboratories by the same creators on finished objects or semi-finished bases supplied by the companies.


Progetto di Amos Carcano e Iris Picco per Gervasoniprogetto di Jonas Giubbini con GervasoniProgetto di Laura Seravalli per Legnolandia


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INVITATION CREAttivo Exhibition # 2 – Spilimbergo 15 January 2022


13 January, 2022