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Exhibition at Colloredo di Monte Albano

Photo Walk in rgb

Exhibition at Colloredo di Monte Albano

On the occasion of the third edition of the “Stati Generali dei Cammini”, which will take place in Colloredo di Monte Albano (UD), the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli will be present with a selection of some mosaic works.

The exhibition, entitled “MOSAICO … IN CAMMINO”, will be inaugurated on Friday 19 October at 17.00, at the headquarters of the Comunità Collinare del Friuli and can be visited free of charge, until 9 December 2018.


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On the one hand, the exhibition represents a sort of historical mosaic itinerary – from Roman origins with Aquileiesi mosaic floor copies to the most contemporary solutions such as “RGB Walk”, among other things, it is the symbol of the event. On the other hand, the exhibition proposes a series of thematic works inspired by the “Cartella Friuli” by Tranquillo Marangoni with references to sites of our territory recognizable for their traditions, artistic and naturalistic beauties, cues for further journeys and journeys through time and space , which do not omit mosaic examples related to artistic experiences of other countries, expanding the proposed cultural references. The exhibition – in the splendid setting of Colloredo di Monte Albano with its renowned Castle – creates a network in the territory, enhancing it, and opens new eyes on the mosaic paths that span history and the present with all its contaminations.

Didascalia Opera Foto Event: Walk in RGB, realization of the students of the third course on the ideation of the teacher Cristina De Leoni, 2013.