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Inauguration exhibition Mosaic & Mosaics 2018


Inauguration exhibition Mosaic & Mosaics 2018

We invite you to the summer exhibition of the school mosaicists of Friuli- Mosaic & Mosaics 2018, selectionof works carried out by students of the school mosaicists of Friuli during the formative year 2017-2018. The exhibition is a good opportunity to rediscover the historical and modern mosaic, to promote contemporary mosaic, but above all to enhance the creativity and works of young mosaicists.

The first, second, third course classrooms were also this year’s forge of practical and theoretical experiences: here took life a Design Laboratoryin experimental form coordinated by Maestro Stefano Jus, took place a Cal Update Conference with Prof. Michele Macchiarola of the CNR of Faenza, a Seminar on the ancient methodologies of mosaic preparationwith the restorer Alessandro Lugari of Rome, one Stage on contemporary mosaic with the artist Giuliano Babini of Ravenna. All important moments of deepening that have been added to the encouragements, to the professionalism, to the passionand to the competencestransmitted in class by the teachers of the school. In the exhibition you can see the results of these didactic experiences through the timeless copies of Roman and Byzantine mosaics, rather than through the intriguing mosaic interpretations of portraits of protagonists of our time, passing through the Backward modern technique on paper applied to forms of Moorish inspiration, to fairytale landscapes, to Klimtian visionary suggestions, to continue with essays and texture, expressed in contemporary techniques and forms, to conclude with projects that invest the field of design and architecture. You will discover a space-school where – in addition to studying the past and gaining professionalism – we analyse the aspects that characterize contemporaneousness, to elaborate artistic paths and to guide the pupils in the search for their own poetic, At the same time accruing ideas and competences that are also in support of the various productive realities of the region and not only. One example is the paving and furnishing accessories produced in the design laboratory and the recent interventions to embellish the school’s outside space – cladding of the fire-escape ladder and installation “Urban landscape” on Conception of Giulio Candussio-who have involved in a concrete project the pupils and in a start up The former young pupils of the school itself. Another interesting example thought and realized for the urban space is that completed by the students of the specialization course during the symposium on mosaic in Lignano Pineta: You can admire the painting, on the conception of the artist Luigi del Sal, on the façade of the bathing establishment number 5 in Lignano Pineta, inaugurated on June 9.

The exhibition Mosaic & Mosaics 2018-presented in the premises of the school mosaicists of Friuli in via Corridoni in Spilimbergo-will be inaugurated on Friday 27th July at 18.30, is open from 28 July to 2 September 2018-Every day-at the following times: 10.00/12.30- 16.30/20.00.

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