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Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli

MVSIVA Award ceremony

  • Aula Magna of the school mosaicists of Friuli packed for the Conferral of the Itineraria prize-Mvsiva 2015-dedicated this year to the work of Maestro Roberto Foramitti, painter of shells-as has been defined by the critics-but also of themes that explore the history, the life, the places of the heart… Many interpreted in key mosaic by 31 students of the school mosaicists of Friuli.
  • There were many stimuli and suggestions suggested to students from the artistic and personal path of the Maestro… “A man with contagious enthusiasm” as defined by Alido Gerussi, president of the School of Mosaicists of Friuli, “a point of reference for what he did for our Friuli” in the words of Armando Zecchinon, regional councillor, “a man whose life is A work of art “, in the commentary of Maria Paola Frattolin, chairwoman of the Itineraria Association.
  • The emotion of the artist Foramitti is very vivid in rewarding Winning students (Catherine Goi for the first course, Kseniya Khalyavko for the second, Chiara Lovo for the third) And in the homage of all 31 students attending the prize with a print depicting A work That the master has given to scholl, Assembling 100 images of his most emblematic works as pieces of a mosaic.
  • Moving words of esteem, encouragement, affection, revolts from Foramitti to students who probably return home not only with a prize and a memory, but also with A truly unique human exchange experience!