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Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli

Photo Orientation 2012

Orientation Post Diploma

In its peculiarity, the school mosaicists of Friuli is a unique institute of its kind for the formation of young mosaicists who can aspire to concretize the knowledge acquired in a creative profession.
It is important to know the school mosaicists of Friuli among the opportunities of choice of post-diploma study.
The vocational qualification courses are three-year didactic courses, open to all those who want to learn the art of mosaic and make it a profession. At the end of the three years the title of Mosaicist is obtained. The courses are frequented by students who come from all over the world, emphasizing once more the internationality of the school.
The numerous mosaic and terrace laboratory hours allow us to achieve concrete objectives on various mosaic techniques over the three-year period, from the Roman to the Byzantine to the contemporary. The qualified mosaic preparation is completed with lessons of Design and color theory, Computer Graphics, History of Mosaic, Materials Technology and geometric design, to ensure that the qualified mosaicist is autonomous in the choices and proposals, and at the same time is able to answer all the requests. The comparison with the contemporaneity, with the professional reality, the planning and the research, make of the school an institute lowered in the present, projected in the future, able to offer prospects of insertion in the world of the work.
The School MosaicistsIt is the only international center dedicated to the training of professionals in the field of mosaic art.