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START UP MOSAICO 2018: Cityscape

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START UP MOSAICO 2018: Cityscape

The exhibition “Mosaic & Mosaics 2018. Selection of the works carried out by the students in the formative year 2017/2018 “, inaugurated last July 27, is already registering a large influx of public confirming the school mosaicists of Friuli Point of reference of tourism-cultural Region and not only. The Institute, in fact, continues to enhance the history of mosaic and the tradition of the territory, promoting contemporary research and culture, transmitting to young people a profession of high professionalism and stimulating creativity.

In this perspective, the project was conceived “Star Up Mosaico 2018” Fruit of Collaboration between the school mosaicists of Friuli and the Fondazione Friuli. This project, among its main points, aims to give an initial economic support to the new masters mosaicists thanks to a concrete work experience and the realization of a great mosaic work for the urban furnishing in front of the gallery of the school. The Mosaic Installation “Urban Landscape”, which decores the chimney in the school garden, in particular, was conceived by the artist Giulio Candussio and created by six former pupils of the school(Claudia Corbi, Chiara D’Alfonso, Lidio Dulaj, Daniele Filesi, Valeria Manzo, Francesca Meo) together with the pupil of the course of specialization Denise Toson.

The work of urban furnishing, thanks to the contribution of the Fondazione Friuli that has believed in the considerable effort undertaken by the school to further promote the development of tourism-cultural of the region, has represented for the new Masters mosaicists involved in Project the possibility of realising what was learnt during the formative years. The participants in the start up, in fact, through the organization independently of a mosaic laboratory, in just sixty days, have realized four trees high over 10 meters that decorate the surface of the flue 12 meters high washed, polished and grouted.

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This installation is the symbol of an initiative of restoration of the area outside the school frequented by an increasing number of visitors (in 2017 over 35000) who go to Spilimbergo to visit the Institute considered reference center International in the field of mosaic art. “Urban Landscape”, moreover, wants to represent the beginning of a tunnel path in open air and to encourage the start-up of new entrepreneurial activities in the mosaic sector, also at the level of urban regeneration.

The Star Up Mosaic Project, therefore, highlights not only the attention of the school mosaicists of Friuli towards the future of its pupils, but also the fundamental role of the synergies established with multiple productive realities of the region and certifies the quality of Cultural proposal that the school offers and represents for Friuli, every year welcoming thousands of visitors from all over Europe and not only.

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The exhibition Mosaic & Mosaics 2018-presented in the premises of the school mosaicists of Friuli in via Corridoni in Spilimbergo will remain open until September 2, 2018-Every day-at the following times: 10.00/12.30-16.30/20.00.

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