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Photo Civibank to the SMF

Internal photo Civibank at the SMF

  • At the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli – a recognized institute among the training and entrepreneurial excellences of the territory – the Team Building is strongly desired by Michela del Piero, President of Civibank (Banca di Cividale) and Corrado Alberto Fois Director of Operations and Change. Twenty-four employees of Civibank, future managers and managers of the Bank, are involved, selected with the aim of following “a training and experience path”, within which the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli was chosen for the management of the training module “Business Talent”. It is a team buildingof creative format aimed at highlighting the value of teamwork, team synergy, also fundamental in the philosophy of thinking and making mosaic: each card is unique and different from the others, but just creating a connection with the others is able to compose a ‘work of art, where you can multiply the suggestions and points of view. TheTeam Building will move between the promotion of ideas, creations and museum achievements, breeffing enhancement of the resources put into the field with objectives to be achieved through planning and cooperation. Civibank has identified in the mosaic an art that “perfectly embodies the problems of business: you must have a clear idea, implement a project, carefully choose the materials, work together with a common goal, build and realize a total quality that is the result of many different pieces. The participants are called to touch this formative metaphor and the team of teachers of the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli will help them to acquire a new and different perspective with which to look at the manager’s job “. Through the Team Building develops a strategy of change adopted a few years ago by the new Management of Civibank. From this type of experience you can tune into new forms of communication, which in this case use the mosaic language – from design to implementation – as a source of inspiration to learn how to organize production processes with time and resources management skills .
  • Welcoming the initiative of Civibank, the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli will accompany the aspiring managers in a project that will urge them to know a particular strategy of work planning, a job that can be stimulating, creative, diversified, but always connected to the world that it surrounds us and with its transformations.
  • The Civibank Team Building takes place at the headquarters of the Mosaic School of Friuli on 17-18-19 October.