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Thanks to the teacher Evelina Della Vedova

delivery of the parchment to the teacher Della Vedova

Thanks to the teacher Evelina Della Vedova

With the delivery of a parchment, the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli wanted to greet the teacher Evelina Della Vedova, a mosaic teacher, who, having reached the length of service, from Monday 3 February 2020, is retired. This institutional moment took place in an atmosphere of friendship, where memories of professional experiences lived together were not lacking.

President Stefano Lovison, director Gian Piero Brovedani, the teaching staff and the administrative staff gathered around the teacher Evelina to express her gratitude and wish her a new start. Many of the teachers present had been her pupils: from her, on the school desks, they had learned not the techniques, but also the tenacity and passion that as colleagues they had found and shared in the many didactic and creative adventures.

Evelina Della Vedova enrolled in the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli in the 1978/79 training year. Making mosaic at the time was not considered work for women, but things were changing and the teacher Evelina still wanted to try. She had accidentally ended up visiting the School of Spilimbergo and had fallen in love with it. She had chosen, in front of those mosaics that attracted and at the same time frightened her (would she have been able to make them too?), Her future. His interest in drawing and art finally found an address.

Those were years of commitment and work, rewarded with the satisfaction of learning and the excellent results achieved. Destiny had offered her an opportunity, she had been able to cultivate it with determination and not without effort.

After returning to the School as a teacher, after a series of work experiences outside the region, the teacher Evelina has supervised the training of many mosaic artists for over twenty years.

At the time of delivery of the parchment she declared her great gratitude to the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli which gave her the opportunity, first as a student and then as a teacher, to grow professionally and at the same time to transmit the love for the new generations mosaic art.

la maestra Della Vedova con lo staff della Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli