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The artist Giovanna Nucci at the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli

Photo Giovanna Nucci

The artist Giovanna Nucci at the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli

  • On a visit to the Mosaic School of Friuli, an exceptional guest:the Brazilian artist Giovanna Nucci, Fine Art Photographer. It was formed at the Centro Universitário Senac, the most prestigious faculty in Latin America, with a specialization in art and culture. In her artistic career she has been the protagonist of several international exhibitions. As well as in Brazil, his works (photos and videos) have been exhibited all over the world, in Milan, in Lisbon, in Miami, … Giovanna Nucci’s activity has its staple in São Paulo, but her work is actually inspired and stimulated by travel, meetings, experiences and contacts with people. Subjects such as landscapes, architecture, glimpses of the city, traces of life, social cues … express the work of Giovanna Nucci, a work where the gaze, sensitivity, emotions, personal thoughts and aesthetic choices of the artist emerge.
  • After having visited the School with the Director, Gian Piero Brovedani, a collaboration was born to recreate one of his works in mosaic. This is a photo taken in 2007 in São Paulo, Brazil, a stimulating city for the artist because as she says “it allows everyone to have a dream, an opportunity”, involving people who – by origin and origin – arrive Worldwide.

Photo Giovanna Nucci internal

  • In the project of mosaic interpretation the six students of the Specialization Course are involved (Martina Amato, Darina Baimuratova, Silvia Biancolino, Sara La Fiura, Elenalucia Maggioletti, Alina Sakharova) coordinated by the teacher Cristina De Leoni. They too come not only from all over Italy, but also from different countries of the world (in this case from Russia and Kazakhstan).
  • In mosaic recreation, light and dark marbles, with dimensioned and out-of-scale tiles, give body and physicality to the photographic image: each card, like every person – unique and authentic – finds energy and concreteness through union, exchange with others , creating a moment of life, a “hic et nunc”, a “here and now” that often escapes us.
  • Together with silence, here a situation, a frame, which in the end assumes a pure aesthetic value, becomes the protagonist. Motionless spaces and mobile shapes, caught through the light, represent an external vision, a sort of objective landscape that knows how to touch the chords of the soul (the vision / internal landscape) of the observer. Hector Olea, a curator of several publications of the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston (Texas), highlighted it in a critical comment, confessing that he was fascinated by the mystery mystery that pervades the photos of Nucci, a mystery that fills , nourishes and shakes the deepest “paths” of human beings.
  • It is a sensation that is felt in front of all the artist’s most recent works, particularly in the series “between heaven and earth”, visions of spaces where man has passed and where there is a sense of suspension, of waiting, of immersion in moors that expand as far as the eye can see, warm up with colors and lights, where you can lose yourself and then find yourself again.

Photo Giovanna Nucci Aula Magna

  • Giovanna Nucci passionately followed the mosaic design of her work, she tried to make mosaic and involved the students of the third course and the specialization course in a meeting dedicated to her, in the Aula Magna. The artist was presented by the Director Gian Piero Brovedani as “great communicator, front woman able to coordinate a freelance working group, able to tell and tell through images, knowing how to document and promote its activity with great energy and professionalism “. Relying on one’s strength, moving with commitment, determination, right communication, to pursue a dream, a job, a perspective of authentic life, were among the most precious advice collected by our students, who begin to think about their future in the field of mosaic.