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The exhibition “Mosaic & Mosaics” was inaugurated

The exhibition “Mosaic & Mosaics” was inaugurated

  • Inauguration
  • On July 24 was inaugurated the exhibition “Mosaic & Mosaics ” 2015.
  • To do the honors, between the authorities and the large audience, was the President Alido Gerussi, together with the director Gian Piero Brovedani. They intervened by bringing their greeting: Renzo Francesconi, mayor of Spilimbergo; Pietro Fontanini, president of the Province of Udine; Sergio Covre, vice president of Friulovest Bank; Loredana Panariti, Councillor for Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia (work, training, education, equal opportunities, youth policies, research and universities)

  • The visit takes us to the classrooms and laboratories, where the students shared the experience of the historical and contemporary mosaic, leaving then traces-through the works and the essays on display-of the teaching process, the techniques and the art Acquired.
  • A path that has a year of study on various types of mosaic, textures, experimentation with materials, with shapes, colors and spaces, evoking worlds and thoughts explored through mosaics and personal interpretations of students.
  • Scenographic Catalogue of fishandfloor inspired by the Palaeo-Christian mosaic of the Basilica of Aquileia;

  • Impact the representation of the Infernotaken from the medieval mosaics of the baptistery of San Giovanni in Florence;

  • Intriguing the mosaic visions in contemporary ideations such as liquid rhythm, the cover image of this edition.

  • In particular in contemporary techniques – perceptible in portraits as in abstract surfaces, in two-dimensional solutions as in three-dimensional ones – unpublished works emerge, rendered with creative mosaic solutions, both on the formal and Material. While starting from sketches, drawings, personal projects, the mosaic works do not mechanically repeat the details of an image, but its expressive values, creating material textures “impetuous” or “stretched”, “exciting” or “flowing”, “contracted” or “expanded”, ” Coloured “O” tone sur tone. “ In different mosaics, enamels, ceramics, stones, marbles, metals, wood, plastics and more, they come into relation with each other and transform themselves into works of art under the guidance of the thoughts and hands of the mosaicists students, tickling the senses.
  • In The exhibition There are the mosaic signs realized during the EXPO Milano 2015 and the pilasters made to complete the sequence of the mosaics of the façade thanks to the project Start UP Mosaico promoted by the school with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Pordenone. Together with the mosaic works inspired by the research of the extraordinary artist Harry Bertoia, also interesting is the work storyon the conception of the artist Bruno Fadel, made in synergy in an internship with the pupils in school.
  • Absolute novelty within the event is the activation of the competition “a card… For a mosaic “which provides for the award of a prize consisting of a painting. Participate in those who register and choose a tile to be allocated to the creation of a mosaic that will be the prize of next year (edition “Mosaic & Mosaics 2016”). The winner of the mosaic work will be selected from among the registered in the contest, which will finish at the end of the show on August 30, 2015. The initiative is born from the desire to thank the ever numerous visitors of the school mosaicists of Friuli that we hope to surprise again this year.
  • The exhibition “Mosaic & Mosaics” 2015 will remain open from 25 July to 30 August 2015, every day with the following timetable: 10.00-12.30/16.30-20.00