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The mosaic in the furniture on display at Gervasoni

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The mosaic in the furniture on display at Gervasoni

The Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli will be among the protagonists of the exhibition / show Bodies of Resilience as part of the Maravee Festival – Folle, conceived and curated by the Maravee Cultural Association and this year in its twentieth edition.

The exhibition event will take shape inside the Gervasoni showroom, a historic furniture company, today an important reality in the design furniture sector. At the basis of the choice of this particular location is the desire to connect different artistic expressions to everyday life characterized by two places in particular: the home, a space of one’s intimacy, and the workplace, an optimized and functional production space. In these two environments, art can, indeed must, be inserted that testifies to the presence and appropriation by man. The main theme of the exhibition is in fact the “pervasiveness of identity between man and the environment”, a reflection on how man is able to characterize and inform places and how art is the highest manifestation of this action.

The director of the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli Gian Piero Brovedani recalled how the combination of mosaic with furnishing objects has been experimented by the School since the mid-nineties, through participation in the Genius Loci exhibition as part of the Abitare il tempo event (Verona) curated by the architects Ugo La Pietra and Paolo Coretti. “The execution of projects where the mosaic is present in living spaces, performing functions or as an added value” underlines the director “is part of a research that embraces solutions for interiors, but also for exteriors or in urban furniture as decoration and qualification of public spaces. The relationship between design and mosaic art is now well established.The mosaic brings characteristics of beauty, durability, uniqueness to a common object and of use: on the other hand, more and more companies look to the artistic craftsmanship of their territory to distinguish, in a global market, their products making them exclusive and original, expressions of a specific cultural identity “.

At Gervasoni, therefore, the mosaics of the School will dialogue with the furnishings in an installation that proposes domestic and work spaces, real-life paintings that welcome the visitor, a possible inhabitant of places that he does not suffer, but lives, loves and cultivates.
The mosaic in its contemporary forms, in its colors, in its being a surface vibrating in light, but also relief or plastic volume, manages to decline and dialogue with the context, but above all it manifests man’s aspiration for beauty: the same birth of the mosaic responds not only to the need to have resistant, dry and waterproof floor surfaces, but also pleasant and unique, capable of arousing pride in the owners and admiration in the guests.

The exhibition will also feature furnishing elements made in collaboration with the Gervasoni and Very Wood companies as part of the first edition of the CREAttivo Award, a competition that brings the students of the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli closer to the world of business and industrial design, inviting them to develop a mosaic intervention on furniture and accessories in production. These are the Dining 11 L chair (produced by Very Wood) with a mosaic insertion by Polina Kazanovskaia and the Brik M pouf (produced by Gervasoni) with the delicate intervention of Luis Guerra Sobejano.


Resilience bodies
Maravee Festival – Folle
Pavia di Udine, Gervasoni showroom.
Opening 8 October 2021, 6.30 pm






7 october 2021