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Twelve fellow citizens to learn about the art of mosaic

first day: visit to the School

The study stay at the Friuli Mosaic School dedicated to fellow countrymen residing abroad is renewed for the tenth consecutive year.
This initiative promoted by Ente Friuli nel Mondo with the collaboration of the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli in Spilimbergo and the contribution of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region – Minority and Correspondent Languages ​​Service abroad, will allow 12 young people to stay in Spilimbergo this year and attend an introduction course to the art of mosaic.
The guests who will remain in Friuli until November 10, come mainly from Argentina, but also from Brazil, Uruguay and Canada. They approach the mosaic for a professional interest, linked to training in architecture, for artistic passion and to rediscover their roots and reconnect with the land of their families.
This educational experience is in fact reserved for descendants of Friulians who have emigrated to the world and involves the participants in an art that is a symbol, historical and contemporary, among the most important of the specificity of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. Precisely for this reason, in addition to the lectures, visits to significant places such as Grado, Aquileia, Trieste, Pordenone and Redipuglia are planned, as well as the meeting with some mosaic masters in the laboratories of the Spilimbergo.
The practical activity will characterize this period of training and in the classrooms of the Scuola Moasicisti del Friuli they will try themselves to make mosaics: an effective way to learn the basic elements of mosaic techniques, from cutting and preparation of materials with the use of the hammer, to the study of trends through the technique of direct laying of the tiles.
The aim is to offer participants, during these two weeks of stay, the first fundamental knowledge of mosaic in all its forms and types. Starting from the interpretation of the traditional themes of historical origins, they will then be able to experiment in their compositions even more free and contemporary solutions, so as to understand the sense of the origins of the mosaic but also all its actuality.
At the end, a certificate of attendance will be issued for each participant.
With words of enthusiasm the president of the Scuola Moasicisti del Friuli, Stefano Lovison, who is part of the Board of Directors of Ente Friuli nel Mondo, welcomed the fellow citizens on their arrival in Spilimbergo on Sunday 27th November. “That this experience has reached its tenth year is a great satisfaction and makes us think of new projects for the future. The Mosaic School of Friuli is an international reality. In his workshops works have been elaborated that can be admired all over the world and the students who come from outside Europe are not lacking: the first course this year is also attended by students from India, Pakistan, South Korea … Accept fellow countrymen represents a further opening that turns into opportunities for knowledge and exchange. The mosaic really becomes a means to discover our land and our traditions, but also the world. I am sure that this will be, like the previous ones, an educational and enriching experience for all! ”

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