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The new Mosaic Masters of 2021

The new Mosaic Masters of 2021

Eighteen are the students who, at the end of this formative year, have obtained the qualification of “Mosaic Master”.

With an official ceremony, on Friday 25 June in the afternoon at the Cinema Teatro Castello in Spilimbergo, the certificates of professional qualification were awarded to Elisabetta Cattarino, Samuele Contin, Carine Deroche, Federica Fonzari, Siarhei Hnutau, Francesco Maccuro, Eva Marinig, Irene Mollaretti , Angelica Orlando, Iris Picco, Roberta Pizzanoia, Gabriele Riccio, Noemi Roma, Ekaterina Rusakova, Laura Seravalli, Adelaida Sharakhova, Selene Solis Gallardo and Giulia Zanette.

Alongside the president of the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, Stefano Lovison, and the director Gian Piero Brovedani, the regional councilor Stefano Zannier and the deputy mayor of the Municipality of Spilimbergo Ester Filipuzzi were present to congratulate the new mosaic artists.

The event honors first and foremost the students who deservedly completed the three-year professional training course, but, as President Lovison recalled during the ceremony, it is also a way to underline the commitment and work of those who daily within the School ensure that students have the best, in teaching, in services, in curricular experiences. Also in the past training year, characterized by the difficulties due to the pandemic, the director Brovedani recalled the seriousness and rigor shown by the students, respectful of rules and limitations in order not to miss lessons and thus neglect the laboratory activity of the mosaic lessons and terrace.

Heartfelt words from Deputy Mayor Filipuzzi who wished the new mosaic artists a “good journey full of satisfactions” with the hope that they will bring to their hearts Spilimbergo, which for the years of the School was their second home.

Councilor Zannier, in reiterating the close link between the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli and the regional territory, concluded by encouraging the new mosaic artists as witnesses of Friuli Venezia Giulia and its artistic tradition in the world.

Arrived at the School not only from Italy, but also from abroad (from Belarus, France, Russia and Mexico), driven by passion and fascinated by the ancient mosaic art, these students, who became Mosaic Masters, constantly transformed and will have their interest in a trade, acquiring all the skills necessary to design, manage and implement any mosaic project, floor and wall, with different styles and materials. With the 2021 qualification delivery ceremony, their training course ends and the professional one begins in which the School will always remain a point of reference.

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