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Gli “accoglitori di città” meet the School


Gli “accoglitori di città” meet the School

The “accoglitori di città” (welcoming persons) are people who know and love their territory and make themselves available to visitors to tell them what is beautiful and special in Spilimbergocity ​​of mosaic. They are citizens willing to present the place they feel like them, because they live there and because it is part of their history.
Precisely for this reason the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli considers their activity important and wants to deal with them. So it was last night where the director, Gian Piero Brovedani, wanted to retrace the history of the School through some key personalities and exposed the hypothesis of a visit through the 45 mosaic interventions, excluding the Cemetery and the School building, present in city. These are mostly public places, such as schools, gyms, barracks, swimming pools and even the post office and library, but there are also votive corners, celebratory monuments, insertions of urban furniture in squares and parks. A path that could end or start right in the courtyard of the School about to become an open-air gallery.

The “accoglitori” were enthusiastic about the conversation and promised themselves, in the near future, to make an in-depth visit to the School, entering the laboratories and observing the students at work.

The project of “Accoglitori di città” promoted by the Tourism Department of the Municipality of Spilimbergo, refers to the Tourist Information and Reception Office, at Palazzo “La Loggia” in Piazza Duomo 1, tel. 0427 2274, mail: