toria del colore

MYT’s award 2018

During the inauguration of the exhibition MOSAIC YOUNG TALENT-Friday 27 April 2018-at the Civic Museum of Pordenone, were also decreed the winners of the same name, sponsored by the Cultural Association Naonis Pordenone in collaboration with the School mosaicists of Friuli and with the municipality of Pordenone. Two students awarded the school mosaicists of Friuli: Ilaria Noninofor the intense mosaic interpretation

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The Itineraria's award for Mvsiva 2017 was gived to the students of the Mosaicist School of Friuli. At the Spilimberghese Institute-Tuesday, April 24th at 15 am-the awards ceremony of the ninth edition of this year's prize dedicated to the work of the artist Giuliano Borghesan took place. Mvsiva is an annual project conceived by Itineraria and organized in collaboration with

We recommend the inauguration of the exhibition MOSAIC YOUNG TALENTFriday, April 27, 2018 at the Civic Museum of Pordenone at 11.30. The exhibition, dedicated to portraits of some of the protagonists of our time (artists, musicians, actors,