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Assignment of Itineraria Award for Mvsiva


Assignment of Itineraria Award for Mvsiva

The Itineraria’s award for Mvsiva 2017 was gived to the students of the Mosaicist School of Friuli. At the Spilimberghese Institute-Tuesday, April 24th at 15 am-the awards ceremony of the ninth edition of this year’s prize dedicated to the work of the artist Giuliano Borghesan took place. Mvsiva is an annual project conceived by Itineraria and organized in collaboration with the school mosaicists of Friuli. Edition after edition, the students involved in the project have interpreted with their mosaics the work and the thought of contemporary artists and participated in an exhibition where the works were subjected to the judgement of the public. The votes assigned by the visitors of the exhibition “Giuliano Borghesan. Working with light “have rewarded the following works:

Eye to the fragility of the earthof Elisabetta Cattarino (first course)

Memory of Tiles by Philippi Alessia(second course)

Occhi che sanno parlare by Asia Maurelli (Third Course)

Moti. Tribute to Giuliano Borghesan by Linda Vincentelli (crafting)

The award was delivered by Maria Paola Frattolin, President of Itineraria, along with Giuliano Borghesan, Protagonist of the ninth edition of Mvsiva, welcomed with enthusiasm by the president of the school mosaicists of Friuli Stefano Lovison And the mayor of Spilimbergo Enrico Sarcinelli, Pleased to see a cultural association as Itineraria believe in the school mosaicists, in his students, in the city of Spilimbergo.

For the students to meet an artist like Giuliano Borghesan was very stimulating: to know closely him as a person, his work, his experiences, it was important to create an exchange both on the cultural level and on the human one. For Giuliano Borghesan It was exciting to be among the boys and rediscover themselves also through the eyes and their mosaic interpretations.