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A new mosaic in Cercivento

cercivento 2022

A new mosaic in Cercivento

In the early afternoon of Saturday 9 July 2022 in Cercivento, in the locality of Gjai, a new mosaic of the Bibbia a cielo aperto, open-air Bible path was officially presented.

Located on the wall of the Agesci Scout Base, the large panel, 2 meters by one and a half meters, represents, based on a design by the artist Paolo Orlando, the biblical passage (Book of Exodus) of Moses and the burning bush. It is the moment when Moses is designated by God to lead the Israelites out of Egypt: while he is grazing the sheep, without sandals, as he is trampling the holy land, he approaches the bush which burns but is not consumed, and listen to the word of God, not without hesitation, but accepting his destiny.

The mosaic was made by the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli in the early months of 2022, it is in Byzantine style, in line with the other panels of the sacred path of Cercivento, made in direct laying with ecological and Venetian enamels.

The unveiling and blessing of the mosaic was one of the moments that characterized the rich day of Cercivento, which began with the conference. Oriente ed occidente cristiano: la carità unisce ed evangelizza (Christian East and West: charity unites and evangelizes) promoted by the Archdiocese of Udine, by the local Parish of San Martino, by the association “Cercivento: una Bibbia a cielo aperto” and by the Municipality.


mosaic at the Cercivento scout base


President Lovison with Scout representatives at the inauguration

President Stefano Lovison with Scout representatives at the inauguration of the mosaic.


Giardina Lovison Orlando at the inauguration of the Cercivento mosaic

The artist Paolo Orlando, the Agesci regional manager Alessandro Giardina and the president Lovison.


2022 Cercivento event flyer Bibbia a cielo aperto, Bible path in the open air


11 July 2022