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Award Delivery “Una tessera … per un mosaico”

  • Was delivered the Award “Una tessera … per un mosaico”an initiative launched last year by the Friuli School of Mosaic as a form of recognition towards all the more and more visitors that the School guests every year during the summer annual exhibition: the prize consists in giving as a homage a mosaic to one of the visitors randomly selected.
  • This year Mr. Lorenzo Rampoldi from Lomazzo (city in the province of Como) has received the prize directly from the hands of the President Alido Gerussi and the Director Gian Piero Brovedani at the Friuli School of Mosaic. The mosaic work endtitled “Tessera 2016” – is an evocative textureof intense and vivid colors., un concentrato di vitalità, Much appreciated by the young 17 year old winner. For the school, the initiative represents an opportunity to dialogue and confront the people who visit the exhibition gallery, collecting positive feedback, curiosity, stories of those who care about the school or discover it with interest. The prize will be re-proposed in the future in the exhibition “Mosaico & Mosaici2017”, a long awaited appointment by our visitors to discover the new mosaic proposals.