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Award presentation FIDAPA

Photo Award FIDAPA

At the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli was presented the Prize promoted by FIDAPA (Italian Federation of Women, Professional Arts and Business Professions), section of Pordenone, dedicated to the students of the Spilimberghese Institute every two years. The President FIDAPA Luciana Ceciliot and the creator of the Romanina Santin Prize, welcomed by the President of the School of Mosaicists of Friuli Stefano Lovison, exposed to the audience of students gathered in the great hall, the theme of the Competition of Ideas voted this year to the following motivation : “Award to the teachers. An award to fatigue, to the imagination and commitment that they put every day to teach children, to convey knowledge and visions of life, to give keys to the reading of reality and open up possible new paths. Engaged in the elementary desks try to understand the passions, understand the difficulties of their students. In a word, a prize for the effort spent trying to educate young people about curiosity, knowledge and growth, inventing new approaches and teaching methods. “This is the starting point for the students of the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli to start their free technique sketch. The mosaic project selected by the jury will be awarded by FIDAPA on the occasion of the “Premio Vittoria Alata”. The work will then be made in mosaic by the students of the Specialization Course of the Mosaic School of Friuli and will be placed in the urban context of the city of Pordenone. The deadline for the delivery of the sketch is 28 February 2019. You will find all the specifications of the Ideas Competition by clicking on the link below:

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