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CREAttivo #3 Project


CREAttivo #3 Project

The exhibition opens on Thursday 20 October 2022, at 6.30 pm at the Museum of Santa Chiara in Gorizia CREAttivo # 3 Art and Business in FVG on game. The works of Luana Feletto, Alessia Lovato and Pauline Debuchy, students of the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli and winners of the third edition of the CREAttivo Award this year dedicated to the theme of the game.

Promoted and curated by the Maravee Cultural Association, the CREAttivo # 3 project sees the collaboration of three companies Legnolandia, Gervasoni, Lamitex as well as the Friuli Mosaic School. In fact, the students of the School were offered the opportunity to think about a mosaic intervention to be included in furnishing elements already in production. These are three objects from Legnolandia conceived for amusement parks for children, such as a balance axis, a tubophone and the Baby tent, and a wooden pouf known as Pouf Brik M della Gervasoni. Of the thirteen projects presented, the best ones were actually made in mosaic and will now make a fine show of themselves in the museum of Gorizia.

Alessia Lovato has made three Gervasoni poufs unique with a crossing of colored lines. Luana Feletto decorated Baby tent and the axis of balance with graphic motifs linked to the concept of harmonious growth. Pauline Debuchy proposed two mosaic inserts for the Tubophone that recall the xylophone and its structure for decreasing modules. These four mosaic interventions make the furnishings original, transmitting joy, beauty and uniqueness through the sign and color.

At the end of the exhibition, which will end on November 20, 2022, the mosaic furnishings will be positioned in a new public park in Goriza, effectively fulfilling the fun and games for which they were created.


CREAttivo poster 3

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CREAttivo 3 processing of the pouf

Processing of the Gervasoni pouf with the mosaic intervention proposed and created by Alessia Lovato


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18 October 2022