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From Ravenna to learn more about the mosaic

Le studentesse di Ravenna a lezione di terrazzo

From Ravenna to learn more about the mosaic

Alba Patruno and Linda Sgarbossa are two students of the Ravenna Academy of Fine Arts who have chosen the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli for their internship. Enrolled in the two-year specialization course with a specialization in mosaic, they have been guests at the Spilimbergo School for ten days thanks to a multi-year agreement between the two institutions which had previously given the opportunity to other students of the Academy to attend some lessons and to learn about techniques. unusual executions in the Ravenna tradition.

“In deciding where to carry out our internship, which for us is compulsory and becomes an integral part of the course of study, it seemed natural to us to come to the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli” explains Alba Patruno, originally from Piacenza. “We found a lively and welcoming environment that provided us with all the necessary support to get to work immediately, to try, understand, learn”. Followed by the teachers of the School, Giulia Palamin and Luca De Amicis, and supported by the students of the specialization course, they studied the reverse on paper, a way of making mosaics that is also known as the traditional technique of the School and of Spilimbergo. They experimented with it by composing mosaic samples with different decorative motifs and materials. “The terrace lessons we attended were also interesting, supporting the students in laying a section of the floor. The terrace is a new topic for us, but I think it would be appropriate to include it in the cycle of academic studies, perhaps through workshops. I noticed that common projects are developed at the School, where all the students of a course are involved, so large mosaics and complex works take shape which will then be exhibited and everyone will be able to see them. At the Academy the training is based on a solid theoretical basis and the mosaics developed are born from personal research paths, are developed individually, exploring forms and expressive potential. Here the idea of ​​making the mosaic is more concrete “.

“Here we learn even just by looking around. Everything speaks of mosaics, the floors, the great works in the corridors, the exercises we see on the benches entering the workshops: the building itself shows us the potential of this art that we love and we have chosen to study “adds Linda Sgarbossa from Bolzano, who after a degree in pedagogy and art therapy in Germany, she ended up at the Ravenna Academy precisely for the mosaic. “The experience at the Mosaic School of Friuli has allowed us to expand our knowledge and expressive possibilities. We liked being able to compare ourselves with the students of the postgraduate course, participate in their discussions on the current work they are completing (the other mosaic side of the large installation for the hundred years of the School!), See how the work is organized here and experience this atmosphere where the mosaic tradition is breathed and is alive and strongly linked to the territory “.
The Ravenna students, a few days after the conclusion of their short but intense internship, declare themselves satisfied: their reports will certainly be harbingers of new arrivals and new exchanges.

27 October 2021