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Mosaic stele for Novella Cantarutti: presentation of the sketch

Mosaic stele for Novella Cantarutti: presentation of the sketch

“Il mosaico è pietra o vetro entro cui si è rappreso il colore. Chi ne parla in Friuli evoca le grandi basiliche affacciate al mare e una plaga al piede dei monti dove si aprono letti d’acque, dal Tagliamento al Meduna al Cellina; qui, sommessamente, si apprese e si praticò l’arte, non si sa da quando.” (The mosaic is stone or glass in which the color is represented. Who speaks of it in Friuli evokes the great basilicas overlooking the sea and a plateau at the foot of the mountains dove open water beds, from the Tagliamento to the Meduna to the Cellina; here , summarily, art was learned and practiced, no one knows since when.)
Thus wrote the poet Novella Cantarutti, she who knew well the land crossed by the three rivers and the town of Spilimbergo, where she was born in 1920 and had begun her teaching career.

To her, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of her death, the book My house is located is dedicated… A biography and some stories by Rienzo Pellegrini with drawings by Lea D’Orlandi, which the Municipality of Spilimbergo will present on Friday 6 December at 5 pm, in the Civic Library. On that occasion the sketch of the mosaic stele that the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli will create a memory of the poet will be shown to the public.
Some illustrations by Michela Occhi, Lionello Fioretti and Aldo Merlo from publications by Novella Cantarutti will also be on display in the library for the occasion.

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The initial quote is taken from the text Musaici contained in Sequals the cradle of the mosaic(Comune di Sequals, 2015).