toria del colore

The Cormons emblem for the new roundabout

coat of arms of the municipality of Cormons
On Friday 27 November 2020 a roundabout was inaugurated at the entrance to the Municipality of Cormons (former Caramel roundabout).
The roundabout that was created for road safety, ordering the traffic of 5 streets (the main ones: Viale Friuli, Viale Venezia Giulia, Via Madonnina and Via Roma), also has a decorative value and welcomes those arriving in Cormons. It contains a fountain with a mosaic placed at the apex, depicting the municipal coat of arms.
The mosaic was created in the workshops of the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli in recent months by the students of the specialization course, a.f. 2020/2021.
roundabout image taken from the video of the Municipality of Cormons