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“Il cuore del sapere”, the new mosaic of Corno di Rosazzo

mosaico Corno di Rosazzo

“Il cuore del sapere”, the new mosaic of Corno di Rosazzo

The large mosaic “Il cuore del sapere” (“The heart of knowledge”) was recently inaugurated in Corno di Rosazzo. It decorates the entrance to the modern building where the “Molinari Pietra” secondary school and the civic library are located, and is the work of the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli.

The inauguration event, which took place on 27 March 2024, saw the presence of the mayor Daniele Moschioni, several councilors and authorities from Corno di Rosazzo and the territory, the president of the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli Stefano Lovison and the director Gian Piero Brovedani. There were also several children who, at the end of school lessons, before the start of the Easter holidays, stopped to admire the mosaic and learn about its history and who had created it.

Commissioned by the Municipality of Corno di Rosazzo, which is a member, together with sixty other entities, of the Consortium for the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, the mosaic was born from an idea by Sonia Paolone, councilor of the Municipality of Corno di Rosazzo, and was designed and coordinated by the teachers of the School and performed by the students of the specialization course: Pauline Debuchy, Alessia Lovato, Jihyeon Lee, Dalila Loiacono, Vsevolod Prokhorov and Ester Sut under the supervision of maestro Luca Nardini. The municipal administration therefore chose to commit to the creation of an artistic intervention, to be placed on the front elevation of a concrete building with essential lines, which would bring color and which through a single glance could recall the function of that place, dedicated, through school and the library, to knowledge and knowledge.

The reason is quite simple: three shelves on which books are placed, represented with an essential and recognizable design. It is the combination of colors and the workmanship that give the subject that interest and preciousness that not even the large dimensions can affect. It is an area of ​​over 21 square metres, a wall approximately 4 meters high and more than 5 meters wide: where the depiction is placed at the center of a surface treated with regularly cut light-coloured pebbles.

The books, lined up on the shelves, stand out in their bright colours: they are mixtures of Venetian enamel tiles, a range of over a hundred different shades. The tiles, cut one by one, have various dimensions and above all have been arranged to recall the shapes and volumes of those books, which when placed together and stacked take up all the space.

Clear and direct, simple in terms of recognizability of the subject and suggestive in terms of liveliness, the large mosaic gives the school building a fresh image in line with those who actually use it. Moving away from the common sense that culture and education are heavy and boring activities, this mosaic also promotes a message: it is a civic duty to support culture, its growth and its diffusion, only in this way can women and men of tomorrow they will be aware, open to dialogue and discussion, capable of being good citizens, of taking care of “public affairs”, of making their community grow and of making the world “a better place”. Art, and mosaic in particular, can be a tool to give eternity to this message.


inauguration of mosaic in Corno di Rosazzo

The director Gian Piero Brovedani, the student Alessia Lovato, the councilor Sonia Paolone, the president
Stefano Lovison, the mayor Daniele Moschioni, the students Dalila Loiacono, Pauline Debuchy
and Jihyeon Lee, the master mosaicist Luca Nardini.



mosaic in Corno di Rosazzo


April 3, 2024