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The mosaic stele for Prata di Pordenone

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The mosaic stele for Prata di Pordenone

The mosaic stele with the coat of arms of the Municipality of Prata di Pordenone was inaugurated on Saturday 25 July 2020. Located at the center of the roundabout in Piazza W. Meyer, at the intersection of via C. Battisti, via Concina and via Martiri della Libertà, the work aims to qualify the area surrounding the town hall.

The subject is traditional: it is in fact the municipal coat of arms inserted in a modern structure. A triangular-based pillar was covered with mosaic and surrounded by three perforated plates to reflect the forms of the municipality’s coat of arms. Through these “windows” the colors of the mosaic make up the coat of arms, made visible even at night by LED lights inserted in the structure.

The work, conceived by the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli on a sketch by the master Stefano Jus, was created by the masters of the specialization course (a.f. 2019/2020) with the direct laying of enamel tesserae.

Three meters high, the mosaic stele will welcome those who arrive in the center of Prata di Pordenone.

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Sketch / study of the work