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Thirteen new Mosaic Masters

certificate delivery ceremony

This year there are thirteen students who complete the three-year training course and obtain the qualification of Mosaic Master. After three days of exams, in which an external Commission appointed by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, assessed their preparation, Friday afternoon June 26, 2020 at the Cinema Teatro Miotto in Spilimbergo, Nina Biagi, Ilaria Caputi, Anna Gaetani, Polina Kazanovskaia, Sabrina Kurdic , Sibylle Luquet, Stefano Marroffino, Viviana Mora Strohmenger, Eric Osei Bonsu, Isabella Petrangeli, Enzo Subiaz, Beatrice Tagliapietra, Stella Zannier have received the professional qualification certificate.

A goal that must be celebrated with an official ceremony attended by the president and the director of the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, Stefano Lovison and Gian Piero Brovedani, the Regional Councilor Stefano Zannier and the mayor of Spilimbergo Enrico Sarcinelli. A friend of the School was also present in the audience: Nemo Gonano, who throughout the 1990s was president of the Consortium for the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli.

Although, for security reasons, the ceremony took place in a restricted way, with a few guests scattered throughout the large theater, the emotion was great and perhaps more intense than in previous years.

As President Lovison recalled in the inaugural greetings, “the training year that has just ended, was different from the others, at times even difficult and uncertain, yet the School with the teachers, the administrative staff, the collaborators and above all the students knew how to team up, looking for valid solutions together “.

The director Brovedani underlined “the passion and tenacity of the students who believed in the school. Between remote study and then, from 6 May when it was possible to reopen the laboratories thanks to the Regional Ordinance no. 12, the demanding mosaic and terrace lessons, nothing was wasted or lost. Students must be given credit for having always dedicated themselves seriously, to have listened to the indications of their teachers, to have not stopped practicing mosaic, coming to create the tiles with the materials they found at home. They never abandoned the idea of ​​becoming Mosaic Masters in the scheduled times and even those who came from outside the region remained in Spilimbergo, near the school, ready to start again as soon as possible. This was the case and the qualification obtained also rewards the discipline and responsibility shown by them, these skills already of professionals “. On the other hand, the mayor Sarcinelli recalled, “the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli has the specificity of combining cultural and productive aspects in training, a winning combination for a professional future”. Councilor Zannier spoke of trust: “the working challenges that await these new Mosaic Masters can be overcome: the example of the months just passed must act as a spur”.

Greeting speeches were followed, on stage, in front of the teachers and the staff of the School, the delivery of the qualification certificate: an important recognition that crowns many efforts and opens new horizons.

Mosaic Masters Certificate Ceremony 26 June 2020

Mosaic Masters Certificate Ceremony 26 June 2020