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Workplace safety course for students

corso sicurezza 2024

Workplace safety course for students

The workplace safety course organized by the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli for its students of the third and specialization course, managed and conducted by Consulenza Servizi FVG, a Spilimbergo company that specifically deals with safety, environment and hygiene in places, has ended. of work.

The training, lasting sixteen hours, was planned in anticipation of starting work, structured for the figure of the employer/responsible for the prevention and protection service – RSPP, aimed at students who will obtain the qualification of Master Mosaicist and to those who, already mosaicists, are further perfecting themselves within the School.

Entry into the world of work presupposes the acquisition of all artistic and technical skills, but also a series of knowledge and skills that are necessary to carry out one’s own business or fill roles with specific tasks and responsibilities within a group.

The Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, through courses on safety at work, but also with meetings with experts, with professionals in the artistic, commercial and fiscal fields, visits to laboratories and exhibitions, contacts with representatives and trade associations, offers its students the opportunity to develop those so-called “transversal skills” which today constitute a strong point in building one’s curriculum vitae.

At a time when at a national level, thanks also to the debate promoted by the Lorenzo Charter, there is discussion of including prevention and safety lessons in the workplace in all schools, of all levels, the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli for several years, in a transversal manner and addressing all students, it has been spreading the awareness and responsibility of carrying out one’s activity while respecting the safety of oneself and others with targeted training. In this training year 2023/2024, in addition to the basic preparation already scheduled, we wanted to offer the students closest to entering the world of work an awareness and knowledge of further topics with in-depth analysis and the treatment of practical cases: an active contribution in the development of social and collective responsibility on this issue which, the news shows, is never treated enough.


safety course 2024


February 22, 2024