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Cooperation with Korea

The Mosaic School of Friuli consolidates relations of cultural and professional collaboration with South Korea. Objective is the promotion, enhancement, installation of Mosaics signed SMF in Alphadomcity, a large urban complex (1,219,639 sq. m), futuristic and multifunctional in the vicinity of Seoul. In concrete terms, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Mosaicists School of Friuli, represented by

The Mosaicists school maintains close contacts with the territory in the name of the valorisation of its resources and the promotion of mosaic. Currently there is a collaboration with the commune of Vito D'asio, involving primarilythe primary school of Vito D'asio-Anduins of the Comprehensive Institute of Travesio. The school mosaicists of Friuli will coordinate a project dedicated to the mosaic covering