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Cooperation with Korea

  • The Mosaic School of Friuli consolidates relations of cultural and professional collaboration with South Korea. Objective is the promotion, enhancement, installation of Mosaics signed SMF in Alphadomcity, a large urban complex (1,219,639 sq. m), futuristic and multifunctional in the vicinity of Seoul.
  • In concrete terms, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Mosaicists School of Friuli, represented by the President Alido Gerussi, and the alphadomcity Asset Management of Seoul (a company responsible for the development of the aforementioned Urban complex), represented By President Lee Sang Hoo.
  • Purpose of Memorandum is the strengthening and international recognition of human and intellectual resources inherent in education, culture and art through the realization of mosaic works made Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli For the furnishing of the urban spaces of alphadomcity (Seoul), the commercial development in the field of artistic mosaic, through the opening of a gallery with showrooms in the same urban spaces and the promotion of mosaic culture through Workshoop musivi.
  • To give immediate follow-up to Memorandum of Understanding, It has already been requested the design of a large stele to be placed in the park dedicated to the mosaic, which is added the conception of a fountain and two columns for the embellishment of an inner atrium. Design and conception are entirely at the school mosaicists of Friuli, while for the realization is envisaged the involvement of the laboratories mosaic of the Territory.
  • The school mosaicists wants to be an active and dynamic reality, specialized in teaching, but also strongly connected to the world of work, art, design, architecture with the aim of opening new dialogue proactive in building the Future thinking about young people and the whole mosaic sector. In This perspective the project with Korea can represent an opportunity.