toria del colore

Collaboration with Vito D’asio

The Mosaicists school maintains close contacts with the territory in the name of the valorisation of its resources and the promotion of mosaic. Currently there is a collaboration with the commune of Vito D’asio, involving primarilythe primary school of Vito D’asio-Anduins of the Comprehensive Institute of Travesio.
The school mosaicists of Friuli will coordinate a project dedicated to the mosaic covering of a public area of Vito D’asio. The conception and realization of the work will be for the children of theprimary schoolwith the guidance of their teachers and the supervision of the school mosaicists of Friuli.
At the laboratories of the Mosaicists school there was a first meeting to prepare and start the project. Masters and specialisation of the specialization course of the August Institute carried out a brief introductory course to the Mosaic art for primary school teachers, greeted enthusiastically by the mayor of Vito D’asio-Anduins, Pietro Gerometta.