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What you can see in a tourist visit to the school mosaicists of Friuli:

More than 800 works always on exhibition

Students and Masters mosaicists while creating and working

A journey between ancient and modern

Bring home a nice experience and why not, a mosaic or one of our publications as a reminder

lignano mosaic 2022

"The tiles are the letters of a finished alphabet, the materials can be compared to the style and the shades of color to the shades of intentionality."

Guia Risari, Writer, teacher and translator


The mosaics leave Terrazza Mare. About 40,000 people were able to admire the message and the expression of the excellence of a territory.

Luca Fanotto and Ada Iuri, Mayor and Councilor of Lignano Sabbiadoro

“And here you can still be surprised!”

Philippe Daverio, Art critic

“Imperfect forward perfection, in the light of the stones”

Vittorio Sgarbi, Art critic

“Congratulations to a high-level school able to train young artists and defend a cultural heritage that the world envies us!”

Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament

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