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A mosaic stele for Novella Cantarutti

stele dedicated to Novella Cantarutti

A mosaic stele for Novella Cantarutti

The Stele dedicated to Novella Cantarutti, poetess, researcher and teacher, was inaugurated, located in the green lawn in front of the entrance to the Bernardino Partenio Civic Library in Spilimbergo.

The work, strongly desired by the Municipality of Spilimbergo and created by the Scuola mosaicisti del Friuli, was presented as a sketch on 6 December 2019, right in the library, on the occasion of the presentation of the book by Novella Cantarutti My home is located… A biography and some stories by Rienzo Pellegrini.

The stele, performed by the students of the postgraduate course of the A.F. 2019-2020 in enamels and natural materials, was designed within the School: it shows on one side the poem by Cantarutti entitled Gent da la Grava (People of the Grava) dedicated to Spilimbergo, on the other a collage of images that combines the representation of the facade of the city Cathedral, the water of the Tagliamento and the stones that distinguish its shore (the grava, in fact).

These elements are recalled in the poem chosen from the collections of Novella Cantarutti.


Gent da la Grava (Spilumberc)

Li’ gravi’ a’ bévin

il sarégn da l’aga

tal Tilimìnt,

e ta li’ pièri’ strachi’

dal cjscjel

al duàr un altri timp.

Gent da la Grava

ingenoglada in Domo,

là che i arcs

a’ son ali’ di ànzai granc’

e i sans flurîs in coru

intôr l’altâr

a’ vèglin

tuna lûs verda di aga.

The gravels drink / the serenity of the water / in the Tagliamento, / and in the tired stones / of the castle / sleeps another time. / People of the Grava / kneeling in the Cathedral, / where the arches / are large angel wings / and the saints in chorus / around the altar, / keep watch / in a green light of water.


stele for Novella Cantarutti

16 june 2021