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A new mosaic in Lignano Pineta

Mosaic Symposium Lignano 2022

A new mosaic in Lignano Pineta

The 10th Mosaic Symposium in Lignano Pineta will end with the inauguration of the work Homage to Afro Basaldella on Saturday 2 July 2022 at 11.00 at Bathroom 6 – French flag. This is in fact the bathing establishment involved, in this summer 2022, in the renovation and mosaic decoration which, in past seasons, has involved the other buildings of the Kechler seafront.

From Tuesday 21 June, the students of the specialization course, Angelica Orlando, Francesco Maccuro, Noemi Roma, Eva Marinig, Laura Seravalli, are arranging for the installation and completion of the mosaic in front of the curious glances of passers-by who can not only chat with the mosaicists , but also try to cut and apply some tiles.

The subject of the large mosaic, developed by the art director Lucia Ardito, combines three details of abstract paintings by the well-known Friulian painter Afro Basaldella with sections of a black and white photograph taken in the 1960s and published in the magazine “Harper’s Bazaar”, where Afro, in his studio, he is with model Deborah Dixon for a fashion shoot.

Among the regional artists honored in the open-air gallery of mosaics in Lignano Pineta, therefore, also enters the youngest of the three Basaldella brothers who, together, represented a singular artistic case of international fame.

Therefore, the collaboration between the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli and the Lignano Pineta Company, with its president Giorgio Ardito, is renewed by combining two regional excellences: the art of mosaic and the seaside resort which, we recall, was born from a design by the visionary architect Marcello D’Olivo (also remembered, for his urban plan, in the bathing establishment n. 1).


PRESS CONFERENCE Thursday 30 June 2022, 11 am. Invitation


preparation of the mosaic


23 June 2022