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Mosaic Symposium in Lignano Pineta

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Mosaic Symposium in Lignano Pineta

The IX Mosaic Symposium in Lignano Pineta (UD) opened on Monday 7 June 2021.
This is an event that brings tourists and citizens closer to the art of mosaic and leaves a tangible mark on the seaside resort. In fact, during the various editions the numbers that identify the various bathing establishments of Lignano Pineta have been decorated. Last year, plant number 2 was decorated with the reinterpretation of a model for sculpture by Luciano Ceschia; this year the students of the Postgraduate Course of the Scuola mosaicisti del Friuli are engaged on the walls of the adjacent plant, number 1, the one that precedes the spa area
The 2021 Mosaic Symposium runs for three weeks and allows the mosaic artists to complete all the work in front of the eyes of passers-by, invited to try to cut the tiles and apply them to the wall, thus contributing to the creation of the mosaic. The number in blue enamels stands out above the wavy bands of multiple colors. It is a graphic motif signed by the Udine artist Carlo Ciussi (1930-2012) who in the course of his expressive research elaborated an abstract painting played on the dialogue of geometric shapes characterized by colors and overlaps. The decoration for plant 1 is taken from a work by Ciussi, reworked for the mosaic by the art director Lucia Ardito, which is then added to the other mosaic works that can be admired walking along the seafront (street side) of Lignano Pineta and that identify, through images signed by Gianni Borta, Marcello D’Olivo, Luigi Del Sal, Giorgio Celiberti, Luciano Ceschia and translated into mosaics by the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, the various entrances to the beach. In addition to the number and the flag, the seaside office also stands out with artistic evidence. This redevelopment and embellishment operation was conceived and pursued by the Lignano Pineta Society with its president Giorgio Ardito, who made use of the collaboration of the Scuola mosaicisti del Friuli, giving life to the Mosaic Symposium.
Engaged in the execution of the mosaic dedicated to Carlo Ciussi are the six students of the Postgraduate Course who last year obtained the qualification of Master Mosaicist. They are: Nina Biagi, Isabella Petrangeli, Beatrice Tagliapietra, Ilaria Caputi, Sabrina Kurdic, Viviana Mora Strohmenger.
Tribute to Carlo Ciussi will be inaugurated on Sunday 27 June at 11.00. The event will be preceded by a press conference on Thursday 24 June at 11.00 at the Hotel President (viale della painting 9, Lignano Riviera)


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