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Mosaic workshop for the young Deuma company

mosaic stage

Mosaic workshop for the young Deuma company

Two days of internships dedicated to mosaic (22-23 February 2021) for the team of the new Deuma company.

Deuma is a business project that was born within the 4th A of the RIM (International Relations and Marketing) address ofMattiussi-Pertini Institute of Pordenone. The project was born at the request of the program “Unternehmen Deutsch – Piazza Affari Tedesco” promoted by the Goethe Institut and has as its aim the promotion of local productions in German countries.

Deuma, a company that takes its name from the union of Deutschland with Mattiussi, has as its objective the knowledge and dissemination of the mosaic in the German market. Therefore, understanding how a mosaic is created, what it is made of, what the design and production costs are becomes fundamental for the nine young members of the company. The Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli has therefore opened its doors to offer not only information, but also a useful experience for a profound knowledge of this ancient art that characterizes our region.

On the first day, the students of Mattiussi visited the school and discussed with the director Gian Piero Brovedani on organizational and management aspects at the basis of each company. They then picked up the hammer and started a mosaic workshop led by the teacher Giulia Palamin. The first part of the second day saw them again in the laboratory to finish the mosaic reproduction of their company logo; in the afternoon an appointment with the director Brovedani dispelled the doubts that emerged during the internship.

This meeting between the new company and the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli represents another stage of a collaboration born months ago and up to now conducted between videoconferences, emails and telephone calls: a central stage, but not the least.


Deuma meets the director Brovedani

Visiting the School


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