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Mosaics and tapestries in the Vatican collections

Mosaics and tapestries

Date and place

  • Starts: 20/04/2022 - At:10:00:00
  • Place Spilimbergo, Palazzo Tadea


Mercoledì 20 aprile 2022, ore 10.00.

Palazzo Tadea, square Castello, Spilimbergo

Mosaics and tapestries in the Vatican collections: two techniques compared



Paolo Coretti, architect


Guido Cornini, Head of the Department of Arts of the Vatican Museums

Anna Maria De Strobel, sart historian, former curator of the tapestries and fabrics department of the Vatican Museums


Short biography of the speakers

Paolo Coretti

Guido Cornini

Anna Maria De Strobel


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