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Reflections on the mosaic in urban design

Coretti with the students

Reflections on the mosaic in urban design

The Direction of the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli has organized a cycle of lectures entitled “Reflections on mosaic in urban design” and curated by the architect Paolo Coretti for the students of Second / Third Courses and their teachers.

The architect Coretti, awarded several times in national and international architecture and design competitions, as well as organizer of some events, including, for several years, of the Mosaico&Architettura prize in Pordenone, has dealt with the theme of urban design, taking as a case study a possible new mosaic floor that acts as a “fil rouge” between the historic center of Spilimbergo and the Scuola Mosaicisti.

After the upgrading of the fire escape and the project “Star Up Mosaico 2018 “, symbols of an initiative to restore the area outside the School with the mosaic installation “Paesaggio Urbano”, which decorates the chimney in the garden of the institute, these lessons represented for young mosaicists l an opportunity to put into practice their artistic studies and, at the same time, to explore architectural and design themes that are essential for bringing mosaic art back into vogue with a contemporary use.

With this objective, therefore, the architect Coretti and the students analyzed different themes, essential for the realization of such a project, such as the knowledge and relative contextualization of the place subject to the requalification, how to put in dialogue the different places of a city and the reasons why the mosaic should be used for this type of intervention. Once the various items were examined, the actual design ideas were taken into consideration and the most appropriate ones chosen in relation to the area concerned; finally the mosaicists and their masters, with the supervision of Coretti, analyzed the degree of feasibility of the work, studying its operational and detail aspects.

With the “Reflections on the mosaic in urban furniture” students and teachers have been very happy to put themselves to the test for a new urban redevelopment project.