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The mosaic “The Teachers” at the Gabelli school of Pordenone

Il mosaico nell'atrio della Scuola con il presidente Lovison e la mosaicista Platolino

The mosaic “The Teachers” at the Gabelli school of Pordenone

The mosaic The Teachers, winner of the Vittoria Alata Award promoted by FIDAPA – Italian Federation of Women Arts Professions Business, will now be visible in the hall of the “Aristide Gabelli” primary school in Pordenone.

The work was inaugurated in a ceremony attended by the mayor of Pordenone Alessandro Ciriani, the Councilor Walter De Bortoli, the head teacher Piervincenzo Di Terlizzi, the president of FIDAPA – section of Pordenone Sonia Pin and for the Scuola mosaicisti del Friuli the president Stefano Lovison, the director Gian Piero Brovedani and the author of the mosaic Chiara Platolino.

Student of the specialization course, Chiara Platolino participated at the end of 2019 in the VII edition of the Vittoria Alata Award, a competition of ideas reserved for the students of the Scuola mosaicisti del Friuli, established to remember and enhance the creativity and female passion in history and in the economy and developed over the years thanks to the commitment of Romina Santin member of FIDAPA.

The assigned theme, which changes in each edition and pays homage to a certain category of female workers, was in 2019 “the teachers”. Indeed, it was intended to celebrate those who are committed to transmitting not only notions, but also values ​​to train the citizens of tomorrow. Chiara Platolino described, choosing lines and shapes that recall the graphics of the early twentieth century, two faceless figures so that everyone can identify themselves by recalling an event in their life where the teacher provided help and advice.

The mosaic was made in direct technique with Venetian enamels and lead threads in the workshops of the Scuola mosaicisti del Friuli.


Mayor Ciriani and President Lovison and the mosaic of Chiara Platolino at the Gabelli school in Pordenone

The mayor Alessandro Ciriani and the president Stefano Lovison at the inauguration of the mosaic “Le maestre” (The teachers) at the A. Gabelli school in Pordenone.


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28 may 2021