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VIII Mosaic Symposium in Lignano Pineta

mosaic at the Bagno 2

VIII Mosaic Symposium in Lignano Pineta

The VIII Mosaic Symposium in Lignano Pineta ends on Saturday 25 July 2020, which began on Monday 13 July. At 11.00 the mosaic will be inaugurated, born from the collaboration between the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli and the Lignano Pineta Society, at the Bagno 2 – German flag plant. It is a reproduction of a drawing by the Tarcentine sculptor Luciano Ceschia (1926-1991), adapted by the designer Lucia Ardito. It was created by the mosaic masters of the post-graduate course 2019/2020: Simona Di Maio, Alessia Filippi, Luis Guerra Sobejano, Gabriele La Sala, Andrea Giulia Paliaga and Chiara Platolino.

With this work, the activity of the company Lignano Pineta continues to transform the Kechler promenade into an open-air gallery, where it is already possible to admire the mosaics at the Bagno 3 (a design by Marcello D’Olivo), 4 (by Giorgio Celiberti ), 5 (by Luigi Del Sal) and 7 (by Gianni Borta) and in the area under the shelter at the end of the elevated walkway in Piazzale D’Olivo.

The mosaic recalls the motif of the sphere that has occupied Ceschia’s expressive research since the second half of the 1960s. Proof of this are the large stone “Spheres” located in Maribor, Grado and Udine. Lignano has, positioned next to the Town Hall, an imposing work by Ceschia, the “Disco” from 1976, in reinforced concrete, with a diameter of 4 meters (in this case the artist’s reflection is not on the volume, but on the two faces of the circle modeled in relief).

After the Christmas exhibition in Terrazza a Mare, the mosaic and the Mosaic School of Friuli are therefore once again present in Lignano, confirming a close relationship with this Municipality which is one of the entities of the Consorzio per la Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli.


general photo of the Bagno 2 bathhouse in Lignano Pineta