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With the NIP Evolution a sharing of values ​​for everyday business

Nip at the Scuola Mosaicisti

With the NIP Evolution a sharing of values ​​for everyday business

The Cross Fertilization appointments organized by the NIP Consortium – Industrialization Unit of the Province of Pordenone continue at the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli in Spilimbergo. The protagonists of the last meeting (23 June 2021) were the participants of the Evolution Group, or local entrepreneurs who, on the initiative of the NIP Consortium, decided to network and benefit from sharing to face the delicate economic situation, including: Elisa and Luca Favetta from Mold Solutions, Diego and Lisa Ghezzi from Medesy, Francesco Pizzolato from Settex, Daniele Gaspardo from Modulmec, Emanuele Parpinelli from Sacilese Vetraria, Daniele Breda from Breda Tecnologie Commerciali, Mara Fontanin from Bemar, Marco and Matteo Del Col from Officine GSP, Stefano Fabbro of the homonymous studio and Silvia Mazzoli of Signum
Welcomed by Stefano Lovison, president of the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, the Evolution Group visited the mosaic workshops, where an ancient memory of know-how meets contemporary visual expressions that are declined in the most current trends in architecture, design and furnishing. The teamwork of the mosaicists was particularly striking, as explained by the master Giulio Candussio, which allows the creation of large mosaics thanks to the collaboration of several hands that work together with a single goal and following a precise project.
“Working as a team – said Stefano Lovison – is one of the skills that are inevitably learned in our School. From the project to the execution, the habit of sharing is for the students a habit that is transformed into comparison, study, research. Thus the quality and beauty of the finished work emerges and not the character of individual individuals. In the mosaic, each tile is important, but only close to the others can it compose an image and communicate something. It is not just a question of learning an artistic technique, but of appropriating those values ​​inherited from the School together with an artisan tradition that has distinguished and made the fortune of many emigrants who left western Friuli to reach every part of the world “.
“The climate of cultural ferment that reigns in the Scuola Mosaicisti – said Saverio Maisto, director of the NIP – highlights how know-how, tradition, creative approach, continuous learning and teamwork are core values ​​to be expressed in the daily business experience, thus enhancing the uniqueness of our territory. In particular, the strengthening of the collaboration on the Maniago-Spilimbergo asset constitutes a development strategy capable of generating value for the entire territorial context “.


NIP and Lovison entrance Scuola Mosaicisti



1 july 2021