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Icons of Art 2021

On show the works of the sixth edition of Mosaic Young Talent.

The exhibition Icons of Art, a gallery of mosaic portraits, opens on Friday 14 May in the exhibition space of the “Silvia Zenari” Civic Museum of Natural History in Pordenone.
These are the works presented by the students of the last year of the Scuola mosaicisti del Friuli in the Mosaic Young Talent competition promoted and curated by the Naonis Cultural Association through its artistic director Guglielmo Zanette.
This partnership between the Naonis Association and the Scuola mosaicisti del Friuli which has lasted for several years, has once again given the students the opportunity to try their hand at a personal test: the mosaic interpretation of the photograph of a well-known and easily recognizable character by the public.
Thanks to the support of the School which provides all the necessary materials (Venetian enamels, marbles and wooden supports) and collaborates for the success of the competition, the participating students are free to choose techniques and expressive forms as well as to experiment the most effective solutions to make emerge the character as well as the physiognomy of the depicted character.
The aims of the award are in fact “to promote contemporary mosaic both in its expressions linked to historical tradition, and in the most innovative and experimental forms” and “to support skills and stimulate future professionalism in a sector, that of mosaic, which characterizes the entire regional territory “. Precisely because of the importance of these themes, which have also been highlighted several times by the Councilor for Culture Pietro Tropeano, the Municipality of Pordenone offers a prestigious venue for the exhibition, within one of its civic museums.
Among the portraits presented, the one that will be the best, according to a jury, will receive a cash prize; however, maximum visibility will be guaranteed for everyone and the opportunity to take part in other events organized by the Naonis Association, in Italy and abroad, as was the exhibition set up in 2019 at the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art in Novato, California. In fact, from the six editions of the Mosaic Young Talent competition, a gallery of famous people in the world, originating from or linked to Italy, has been created. These are mosaic “icons” of Italian culture, art, creativity: from Eleonora Duse to Madonna, from Frank Sinatra to Luciano Pavarotti, from Gianni Versace to Martin Scorsese …
Six students of the third course who have decided to participate this year in the competition with subjects related to the world of music, cinema and sport. They have worked on these portraits for several months: all the efforts will in any case be rewarded in seeing the mosaics observed and appreciated by so many visitors who will wonder how simple tiles placed side by side can restore such vivid and intense faces.



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10 may 2021